Fractus Learning Releases Results For The Most Popular Toys in 2022

December 08, 2022 at 17:00

This week Fractus Learning released the results of the yearly analysis of the most popular toys and gifts for kids in 2022.

Published every year since 2017, the study looks at the most popular gift and toy guides available at Fractus Learning. This list of 100+ articles is ranked in order of popularity. The list of favorite toy ideas changes yearly depending on societal trends, new toy introductions, and other factors.

The toy study features the top ten toy categories for the previous twelve months. The top slot usually changes from year-to-year, but this was not the case in 2022. This year, the trendy Squishmallow brand plush toys continued their reign as the most popular toy to gift. Other top toys include Legos, remote control cars, and telescopes.

Fractus Learning then delves deeper into the data - showing the relative popularity of each featured plaything by state. The top five states are highlighted for each toy category.

While some toys for kids are perennial favorites, new toy categories enter the list as parent and child tastes change. Last year saw a resurgence of popularity for some simpler, more traditional toys and games. This trend continued into this Christmas toy season.

“Compiling this list of the most popular toys and gifts for kids is a task Fractus Learning looks forward to every year,” said Bryan Bigari, editor of Fractus Learning. “Many of this year’s top ten toys are STEM or learning-related. Fractus Learning thinks it is great that many children are going to find fun educational toys once again under the tree this Christmas.”

Fractus Learning is a global team of expert educators, leaders, makers, and creators working passionately to share the best techniques, tools, and toys for meaningful learning. The organization works directly with educators and parents to promote fun and learning using proper technological tools.


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