Fleet Cost & Care's Fleet Management Consultants Can Optimize Logistics Businesses with Innovative Strategies

March 01, 2023 at 17:46

Fleet Cost & Care is offering the services of its expert consultants for smooth, timely, and optimized fleet management.

Fleet Cost & Care is a key player in the logistics industry. This is on account of its robust suite of software solutions that can manage and track all aspects of a company’s fleet of vehicles. However, some clients may need more than just the bevy of high-tech data analysis and tracking features that Fleet Cost & Care incorporates into its software. Consultants who have years of experience in transportation, fleet management, and logistics, can add much more value by streamlining processes, identifying areas of improvement, and proposing strategies to overhaul a business’s approach.

The spokesperson for Fleet Cost & Care, Jeff Curran, talks about what its fleet management consultants bring to the table by saying, “Our consulting services act as a second pillar to our beloved fleet management software. The team of consultants at Fleet Cost & Care can help you pick out the exact combination of software solutions that you need to maximize profits and reduce downtime. They will take an in-depth look at your business and recommend software services that fit within your budget and help you get all the data and analytics you need to optimize your operations. You may be tempted to believe marketing copy from our competitors that says their AI can solve your fleet management problems for you. However, they lack the human touch that our trained and seasoned consultants can offer your business. No amount of sophisticated machine learning algorithms can match up to that.”

On its website, Fleet Cost & Care gives in-depth explanations of the many performance metrics that its software, and team of consultants, can enhance for a business. Fuel spending, undoubtedly one of the biggest expenses for a logistics services provider, can be tracked and plans can be put in place to minimize it by eliminating inefficient routes based on the day or delivery. Trip data collected using GIS (Geographic Information Systems) can be stored and analyzed to find such optimum routes.

The aforementioned data points can also be tied to each employee to determine driver behavior. This can include average fuel usage, adherence to traffic laws, and general incident reports. By rewarding responsible drivers, companies can incentivize high performance to reduce liabilities such as insurance costs. Finally, Fleet Cost & Care’s software can also be used to stay on top of vehicle maintenance schedules. Older vehicles can be upgraded or phased out based on their usability.

Fleet Cost & Care’s software solutions can work for companies of all sizes in business areas such as quotes, scheduling, fleet maintenance, accounting, and more. Rather than being just a dispatching tool, Fleet Cost & Care has developed a complete comprehensive operations software suite that, for small businesses, is akin to having a technology partner looking out for them.

NexGen Fleet Management is the company’s construction equipment dispatch software that helps heavy equipment rental companies simplify and systemize their day-to-day operations, from scheduling jobs to invoicing customers and executing payroll. The company’s mobile fleet management solution is called Atom and it can help its clients’ employees efficiently document safety checklists, job signatures, labor entry, routing, and much more.

The company’s reporting tools interface and export to other popular software used by companies that have to manage large fleets of vehicles. Data can be exported to spreadsheets for analysis and weekly, monthly, or quarterly reports can be generated to visualize the progress of the implemented strategies.

Several of Fleet Cost & Care’s small business owner customers have acknowledged the transformation the company’s software was able to bring to their business. On popular review aggregator site Capterra, Fleet Cost & Care has an impressive rating of 4.4 out of 5.0 from over 30 reviews. It was also the Emerging Favorite software in its category for both 2021 and 2022.

Readers can contact Fleet Cost & Care at (800) 281-9445 to get started with its fleet management consultant services.


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