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March 30, 2022 at 19:57

Simi Valley, California -

Simi Valley, CA based Adjustments Family Services is pleased to place their considerable expertise in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) at the disposal of their community. The center utilizes an evidence-based set of approaches that include CBT, DBT, life skills training and intensive therapy methods. As such, patients will find that the center provides a full resource for dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders. Learn more here: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Near Me.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is by no means a new field of study. In fact, it has been practiced and refined since the 1960s, and its scope allows the center to assist patients who suffer from a variety of disorders, including depression, drug addiction, alcoholism and so on. The primary goal behind CBT is to give patients a framework through which to examine their thought processes and develop healthy ways to deal with stressful situations and confront difficult thoughts and emotions. The manner in which people act stems from the way they perceive and experience the world, and CBT allows them to change the way they think and learn in order to both identify and adjust the behaviors that are preventing their recovery.

Woman finds solace with cognitive behavioral therapy near me from Adjustments Family Services

One of the most notable aspects of cognitive behavioral therapy is it can be used to treat a number of disorders at the same time, which is extremely useful. These cases are known as co occurring disorders, and an example of this is a situation where the patient has both a drug or alcohol addiction as well as a mental health disorder (such as anxiety or PTSD). Some patients may be more familiar with the term ‘dual diagnosis,’ and the primary issue here is that each condition can have a great deal of influence on the other — despite being inherently separate.

Adjustments Family Services clarifies that one illness can also lead to the other, directly, over time. Furthermore, while each issue is grave enough to merit concern on its own, patients with co-occurring disorders face an even greater challenge. Fortunately, the center reassures their community that recovery is by no means an impossible task, and their team has helped countless patients undergo the appropriate treatment in order to lead normal, productive and enriching lives.

One aspect the center is keen to emphasize is the fact that people with co-occurring disorders are highly unlikely to recover on their own. In fact, the opposite is true, and experience has shown the center that these chronic illnesses will progress if left unchecked.

Alongside mental health disorders and substance abuse, Adjustments Family Services often provides their expert assistance to patients who are undergoing recovery from alcohol addiction. Despite being a far more socially-acceptable substance than many others that the average person would associate with the term ‘drugs,’ the center says alcohol poses an exceedingly high risk to those who abuse it, greatly affecting their health and relationships. Notably, those who achieve sobriety more often than not have to dedicate effort to maintaining it every single day, even after their alcohol addiction treatment is complete.

There are many ways for a sober individual to help keep themselves on track, and professionals such as Adjustments Family Services are by no means the only option they can turn to (although the center is always more than willing to help). Building a strong addiction support system, for instance, can be of massive help, and the center encourages their community to reach out if they wish to find out more.

An excerpt from a Google review by B. Rouse explains how the center’s efforts focus on the immediate struggle of those suffering from addiction as well as their aftercare routines. The review says, “I am currently at Adjustments Family Services for over a month now. Not only is the program phenomenal, the staff is amazing. They are genuine people that truly care about each and every one of us here. They guide us in processing our emotions, life experiences, losses and trauma in group settings. In the group you are among your peers, who have had similar experiences to yours. This is crucial because then you can relate and identify with one another. We also get individualized one-on-one counseling. You can talk about more personal things with them. They will help you with anything you need here and also set you up for success when you go home.”

Adjustments Family Services is the premier outpatient focused treatment center in Simi Valley, and they are eager to help their patients, valued members of the community, reclaim their happiness and live fulfilling, rich lives. Those (or concerned loved ones) who find themselves in need of such help are welcome to reach out to the center’s representatives to get started today. Adjustments Family Services can provide all the help their community needs with co occurring disorders.


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