Fairy Gardens of Eden Offers Unique Fairy Garden Ideas For Fae Lovers Everywhere

May 02, 2023 at 16:31

Bring the magic of fairies to an at home garden with Fairy Gardens of Eden. Fairy Gardens of Eden is a magic-lover's blog where founder Felicia shares her best fairy garden ideas. A self-proclaimed fae fan and fairy garden expert, Felicia created Fairy Gardens of Eden to showcase her magical display of her mythical fairy garden, and share tips on how to create fairy gardens at home, for every season.

“My love for fairies started as a girl,” says Felicia. “Something is just magical about having a fairy garden. I knew I had to share my passion with the world.”

For people who are just as wild about fairies as Felicia, they can visit the website at https://fairygardensofeden.com/ to search all her fanciful fairy designs. Enthusiasts can search ideas by category, discovering fairy garden themes, accessories, and tips. Felicia says she likes to create fairy gardens that are both “whimsical and practical.” In addition to her detailed website, Felicia has also written a number of books on the subject of fairy gardening.

Fairy Garden designs are scaled for normal sized backyard gardens, to miniature indoor gardens and potted plants. Felicia’s eye for fantasy and magic mixed with her love of adorable clay mushrooms gives her designs an unmistakable flair. Some of her design themes include farm fairy garden, wheelbarrow fairy garden, fairy garden duck pond, and more. When asked if she thought you could ever be too old for a fairy garden, Felicia has her opinions.

“Fairy is a lifestyle,” she says. “The older I get, the more I love it.”

Fairy Gardens of Eden is a great example of the subculture that exists in fairy. Fairies are part of 2 thousand year folklore from Persia and Europe. Throughout the years, the fairy has become synonymous with nature, magic, femininity, luck, and mythical. Fairy gardens are a beautiful way to make a garden unique. Perfect for kids and the kids at heart, fairy gardening is becoming a popular trend on social media. But Felicia doesn’t do fairy gardening for the “likes” on social media. Her passion is to share her joy of fairy gardening.

“Fairy Gardening is a very cathartic process,” Felicia says. “It gives your mind something to do, while making your surroundings beautiful. It’s easy to fall in love with it.”

Felicia’s tips aren’t just on design alone, but also in gardening, such as, which plants are best to use in a water fountain display, or how to make a fairy garden on a budget. She talks about her go-to Hobby Lobby and Amazon decorations, what tools she uses to set up her garden, how she plans for a garden, and her best tips for keeping her supplies organized.

“I’ve even dabbled with making fairy garden furniture,” says Felicia. “You’d be surprised at how simple these DIY projects are. I try to keep my tips simple to follow, no matter your experience level.”

Fairy Gardens of Eden even has a recipe for a fairy garden cake, something that is both delicious to eat and a great centerpiece to a fairy garden table display.

For those just getting started, Fairy Gardens of Eden offer how-to’s on building DIY fairy gardening kits, complete with florals, twine, figurines, fabrics, etc. These kits are a solid foundation to building a fairy garden, and putting them together is a great activity for kids.

“Kids love fairy gardening! It helps them learn so many skills at once, while igniting their imagination,” says Felicia. “Fairy gardening is great for the whole family.”

The purpose of Fairy Gardens of Eden is to share unique, yet practical fairy garden designs that anyone can do. Gardening is a great hobby that has many emotional and environmental benefits. Fairy Gardens of Eden is ideal for someone who loves gardening and is looking for new inspiration, or someone who loves fairies and never considered creating a fairy garden.

More about Felicia and the blog can be found at https://www.pressadvantage.com/story/59881-fairy-gardens-of-eden-announces-launch-of-new-website-and-business.


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