EVER BOOTS Updates Their Product Pages

April 04, 2022 at 18:05

Corona, California -

EVER BOOTS, a manufacturer and retailer of heavy duty work boots, has updated some of the information on their product pages for their selection of thoughtfully designed, high quality work boots for anyone who has to be on their feet out of doors for large amounts of their time. Quality work boots and construction work boots are extremely important to workers in construction and other careers that involve hard labor and a lot of time standing and walking around, because they can protect the feet and ankles from injury or serious damage on the job.

EVER BOOTS was founded on the idea that workers should have boots that are high quality, have lasting durability, and won’t break the bank. Feet are an important part of the human body, and will function at their best and most pain free if they’re taken care of, which is why EVER BOOTS makes high quality boots that will protect, support, and comfort the feet, even for people in hard working occupations that have them on their feet a lot. They sell their boots at an affordable price point, with most of their designs costing only $99 or less, even for their most sturdy, waterproof, steel toed boots. EVER BOOTS' collection of waterproof boots can be viewed here: https://everboots.com/collections/waterproof-boots

EVER BOOTS knows that the cost of work boots rises significantly when they wear out quickly and need to be replaced every few months, which is why they’ve taken the extra care to design footwear that will last a long time, so customers can trust that their investment in high quality boots from EVER BOOTS will keep their feet happy, warm, safe and dry for a long time to come. Boots from EVER BOOTS are made for maximum comfort, with pain free, soft oil, full grain leather that doesn’t require breaking in, so the proud owners of new boots can start wearing them to work right away, and may not even want to take their boots off at the end of the work day. The boots are built for work, but have a stylish design that can fit into any wardrobe or situation, and the insoles are removable so boot wearers can also choose to use custom insoles for maximum boot comfort. The outsoles of the boots are made with quality EVA/Rubber and have a steel shank to alleviate pressure on the foot when climbing up stairs and ladders, which can be a problem with some styles of work boots.

For extra tough shoe construction, EVER BOOTS utilizes Goodyear Welt Construction, which is among the toughest shoe construction methods ever invented. This makes EVER BOOTS a great choice for workers who need sturdy foot protection and long lasting boots, such as industrial construction workers, general contractors and home builders. Boots which are made with steel toes meet ASTM F 2413-11 standards for steel toe boot safety, which requires that boots meet certain testing standards for resisting impact to the toe area and preventing injury to the metatarsal bones in the feet, risks which can be made more severe when wearing steel toe boots that have not been properly tested or certified. EVER BOOTS sells several designs of steel toed boots that have been certified to these ASTM standards, as well as other boot styles, such as waterproof boots and a large selection of construction boots that come in both steel toe and non steel toe varieties. Interested customers can learn more about all of these options.

Anyone working in a career path that requires them to wear sturdy foot protection, or who simply wants to take better care of their feet while doing heavy duty things out of doors, may be interested in viewing EVER BOOTS selection of high quality work boots, which are all available on the company’s website, with a 30 day return window for boots that don’t fit properly, and a 3 month warranty to protect against manufacturing defects, so customers can order online safely and with trust.


For more information about EVER BOOTS, contact the company here:

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