ERTC Gov Promises the Highest Refunds for Small Business Owners Through Its ERTC Program

March 01, 2023 at 17:44

American businesses planning on claiming ERTC (Employee Retention Tax Credit) credits in 2023 are urged to find out more about how ERTC Gov can help them maximize their claims. The full details about the company’s services can be found at

ERTC Gov has developed a claims review process that eliminates all ambiguity and helps business owners get the maximum refundable tax credits that the government has allocated. The company has a multiple-stage CPA (Certified Public Accountant) process that ensures all processed claims are independently verified by 3 CPAs before being sent out for an approval from the client. Each CPA is handpicked based on their experience and the strict standards set by ERTC Gov. As a result, the company’s clients benefit from the expertise of multiple industry veterans who have dedicated the last few years of their lives to understanding the intricacies of the ERTC tax credit.

ERTC program

Mark Sullivan, the spokesperson for ERTC Gov, talks about how the company’s claims verification process works by saying, “Well, they say two heads are better than one. In our case three heads are certainly better than one! While it may not apply to everything in life, when it comes to filling out your ERTC claims, this is indeed the case. The ERTC claim done properly is so complicated and obtuse that you often need the combined talents of multiple experts to get the most out of your filing. With our seasoned CPAs independently reviewing our client's claims in order to confirm they calculate the claims correctly, we are providing our clients with a watertight claim. By having multiple eyes look at your case, we assure you that you will not miss any credit that your business qualifies for. We are the only ERTC firm that does this, and the proof is in the results! Follow us on Facebook at and find out more.”

On its website, ERTC Gov lists a few examples of how it was able to maximize the ERTC credit for many of its clients. Some of its past customers, out of the more than 11,500 it has served as of January 2023, include a business consulting firm in Newport Beach, California, with 19 W employees that received $44,960 in tax credits, a presentation design agency in Nashville, TN, with 19 W-2 employees that received $162,979 in tax credits, a restaurant ownership group in Florida, with 224 W-2 employees that received $1,120,000 in tax credits, a restaurant in Houston, Texas, with 80 W-2 employees that received $400,000 in tax credits, a Montessori school in Addison, Illinois, with 35 W-2 employees that received $175,000 in tax credits, and a temp staffing company that received $259,099.46 in tax credits.

Mark goes on to share what makes ERTC Gov a cut above the rest by saying, “In 2022 you might have been bombarded with ads soliciting the services offered by ERTC firms that seemed to have popped up overnight. With the billions of dollars that the government has made available for business owners, this was inevitable. However, many of these firms don’t have the experience or knowledge needed to fully serve their clients as they are only looking to make a quick buck. Making the wrong choice with these companies is akin to leaving several thousand dollars on the table. At ERTC Gov, we only specialize in maximizing Employee Retention Tax Credits for small business owners. We don’t divert our resources to other tasks such as preparing income taxes, compiling financial statements, or providing attestation services. We are fully focused on ERTC credits. Plus, with our unique multi-stage CPA process, our results speak for themselves.”

ERTC Gov charges no upfront fees from small business owners to get qualified. The company’s fee is 100% contingent on the refunds their clients receive. The company offers audit support for its work, a feature that other inexperienced ERTC firms can’t match. Finally, qualified ERTC Gov customers can also opt for the Rapid Rebate™ and get their rebate in their bank accounts within 6 weeks of filing.

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