ERTC Gov Brings on More People to Help Clients Claim the Employee Retention Tax Credit In 2023

March 13, 2023 at 19:00

ERTC Gov has announced that it is expanding its team of tax professionals to better serve its small business clients, and help them qualify for and claim ERTC credits from the IRS.

ERTC Gov is the only ERTC firm in the country that ensures the claims it processes are verified by at least three independent CPAs. The company’s unique methodology gives clients highly accurate claims that are fully maximized. It has also resulted in the firm having an average ERTC refund of 40 to 120% higher than the national average. With the latest announcement, ERTC Gov will be able to bring its promise of seamless and maximized ERTC claims to many more business owners all over the country.

The company’s spokesperson, Mark Sullivan talks about what its new hires bring to the table by saying, “We are adding 3 new members to the team of our local agency. All of them are seasoned professionals whose experience and expertise live up to the stringent standards that we have here at ERTC Gov. The head agency is now over 100 employees. With more small business owners waking up to the realization that the ERTC credit is still up for grabs in 2023, as one of the few high-quality providers in the space, the interest in our services has skyrocketed. Things are growing and moving fast. So, we wanted to bring on enough team members to provide the best service possible to our business owner clients.”

Established as a part of the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act of 2020, the ERTC, along with the PPP, was created to give business owners some respite from the tough economic conditions brought on by the pandemic. The government programs rewarded companies that maintained employees on their payroll even when their business was suffering. Since, in 2020, businesses could opt for either the PPP or the ERTC, most chose to go with the former, as recommended by their financial advisors.

In 2021, with the passing of the American Rescue Plan Act, the ERTC was modified to allow businesses that had already applied for and received PPP funds to also claim ERTC credits. It was also expanded to include the first three quarters of 2021 and the per-employee cap was increased from $5000 to $7000 per employee. Businesses now have a total potential of receiving up to $26,000 per employee between 2020 and 2021.

“ERTC Gov, unlike other firms in the country offering ERTC services, is focused exclusively on the ERTC credit,” Mark says, “Much of our competition consists of fly-by-night firms that just popped up overnight to offer these services. If you end up working with inexperienced tax professionals at these substandard, and sometimes unscrupulous, firms, you are jeopardizing your business by leaving money on the table. ERTC Gov does not offer other financial services like preparing income taxes, compiling financial statements, or attestations like these other firms do. All our efforts are aimed at providing our clients with rock-solid ERTC claims that maximize every credit that they qualify for. Find out more here: ERTC Tax Credit 2023.”

ERTC Gov’s experienced CPAs have gained the trust and respect of their peers in the tax services industry. One of the company’s many distinctions is that its CPAs were invited to talk about its ERTC solutions at the AICPA (American Institute for Certified Public Accountants). The company also offers audit support for its work, a mark of quality services that differentiates it from other ERTC firms.

ERTC Gov does not charge upfront fees from its clients as they are 100% contingent on the refund. The firm also offers customers the chance to opt for the Rapid Rebate™ where qualifying businesses can receive their ERTC credits within 6 weeks. Customers can get started with a simple non-invasive questionnaire that can be completed within 20 minutes.

As of January 2023, ERTC Gov has helped over 11,500 businesses secure ERTC credits with some clients even reporting refunds of over $1 million from the government.


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