Encore Data Products To Attend NCTIES '23 Conference

March 03, 2023 at 16:29

Lafayette, Colorado -

Lafayette, Colorado based Encore Data Products is pleased to share that their team will be making an appearance at the NCTIES conference in March, 2023. A membership association for educators and educational leaders who aim to advance excellence in learning and teaching through the effective use of technology, NCTIES is an annual event that spotlights the latest technology tools and solutions for educators. According to an Encore Data Products representative, it's a leading edutech conference.

NCTIES, or the North Carolina Technology in Education Society, gives manufacturers and vendors from across the nation an opportunity to compete for the attention of educators and other parties who have an interest in promoting education through the adoption of technology. As new developments pour into the market at an exponential rate, much care must be taken to ensure that emerging opportunities are correctly identified, boosting educational efforts in some manner as well as supporting businesses that are backed by smart investments and conscientious innovation.

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“NCTIES plays a crucial role in allowing vendors to connect with like-minded individuals and organizations in the field of education,” notes the Encore Data Products rep. “We look forward to establishing mutually beneficial relationships that will give thousands of students easier access to our wide array of education-focused products. Technology has a reputation for disrupting virtually every industry it touches, and education is no different. However, as with all tools, the manner in which they are implemented will determine how effective their benefits will be. We’re committed to helping make a positive impact and getting educators what they need to make the most of our products. We invite educators to come talk to us at NCTIES.”

Encore Data Products has already had an impact on the educational sector in certain ways. One line of products they offer, Anywhere Cart, has proven to be immensely popular, effectively changing how many classrooms approach digital devices and remote learning. Anywhere Cart offers Chromebook charging carts, laptop charging carts , iPad charging/syncing carts, and charging cabinets, stations, stands and more. Users are able to plug in all sorts of devices using industry-standard ports, so most portable devices remain charged and optimally functioning after being connected to an Anywhere Cart charging unit.

The Anywhere Cart Rolling Charge Stand includes a combination of AC ports and USB ports that can accommodate several types of devices, including laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, smartphones and more. This allows students and faculty to charge their devices at virtually any time. Many institutions where the Rolling Charge Stand was introduced were previously in the habit of retrieving all devices at the end of the day and locking them in a cart, cabinet, or closet overnight to charge and be ready for use the next day. Now that many students are taking devices home overnight to complete coursework, the Rolling Charge Stand prevents devices from shutting down during the school day by offering a real-time charging solution — any time, anywhere.

A student’s day being interrupted by a depleted device is only one example of the problems solved by the Anywhere Cart Rolling Charge Stand. Overall, it makes technology much less of a hassle to use because usage is no longer limited to how many charging ports are available in a given location.

“Along with charging options,” the Encore Data Products rep states, “we provide headphones, cases, document and web cameras, podcasting equipment, docking stations, and cables of all kinds. If you want to bring your classroom to a point where it takes every advantage of every technological accessory out there, you would do well to turn to Encore Data Products. If you would like to get a closer look at what we have to offer your institution or learn more about our plans for the future, we invite you to join us this year at NCTIES, a future conference or visit our online catalog.”

In addition to learning more about the company’s range of products on its official website, contact Sabrina Manno of Encore Data Products for additional inquiries.

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