Eazy ADU Simplifies ADU Construction For Los Angeles Residents

July 15, 2022 at 16:27

Los Angeles, California -

Los Angeles, CA based Eazy ADU is reaching out to homeowners who wish to upgrade or add to their property by erecting an ADU. The company works with customers throughout Los Angeles, and their team is standing by to help customers start planning their next ADU at a moment’s notice.

Known formally as an accessory dwelling unit, an ADU is becoming more popular as a housing option almost directly as a result of the rise in the cost of living. As prices skyrocket and people look for more creative solutions that can help bring down these costs or add another income stream, ADUs represent an excellent opportunity for many. With Eazy ADU, they no longer have to be concerned that such an upgrade will be beyond their means or capabilities. The company’s express purpose is to build functional and beautiful accessory dwelling units, and their team is more than capable of handling all the stressful aspects of construction, including all permits and paperwork.

ADU Builders in Los Angeles

The company explains that there is a great deal of flexibility in how an ADU can be constructed. As it is a secondary, self-contained living space, the property owner can choose exactly how it is implemented, especially in relation to the other buildings on the property (the house, adjoining garage and so on). An ADU can be built in an existing structure, such as a garage, cottage or other small-scale building, and it can either be attached or detached from the primary residence. Eazy ADU says many ADUs are used to extend a property’s living space, thereby allowing other family members to move in when necessary. However, it can also be used for guests, friends or even renters who need more affordable housing options. The latter of these would financially benefit both the primary residents as well as the tenants.

Should it be within their means, the company adds that homeowners may wish to erect an accessory dwelling unit even if they have no pressing need for it. For one, there is no telling when it could come in handy in the future, and if they have an otherwise unused space, it could be an excellent fallback option in the event they need more living room or wish to take in renters. However, there is another passive reason for the upgrade: it directly contributes to the home’s value as a whole. Many homeowners have already recognized the massive advantages offered by ADUs, and the company has been hard at work addressing their needs all over the city and beyond.

Building an accessory dwelling unit with Eazy ADU, as their name suggests, is a fairly straightforward process. The company has boiled down their approach to three distinct steps, consisting of design, permitting and construction. They can build ADUs from scratch or convert existing buildings, and every important decision is made in the first stage.

According to the company, customers will first have a discussion with the team regarding what they are looking for and what they expect the ADU to function as. Many aspects here will remain the same since all ADUs by definition are self-contained, with their own water, power and so on, but the homeowner is welcome to add any other notes they feel are necessary for the company to be aware of (such as the overall aesthetic of the structure once completed). Both the interior and exterior spaces will ultimately be built to the customer’s complete satisfaction.

Following this, the company will set about obtaining all the necessary permits required for the proposed work. A project manager will be assigned to take over here, and the customer will not have to be involved at all. Finally, the team will begin construction. Since they have been in construction for more than a decade, they guarantee that every ADU will be built quickly and to the customer’s exact wishes, with no compromises. In some cases, customers have ADUs built specifically for close family to make use of, so the company understands that the final product must meet the most stringent standards.

Customers throughout Los Angeles are welcome to contact Barak Golan of Eazy ADU for further details. The company invites all interested parties to get in touch via phone or email to follow up on any further inquiries.


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