Ductless Directory Features Home Mechanix As September’s Top Ductless Contractor

September 19, 2022 at 23:11

The Ductless Directory, the leading third party promoter of ductless contractor announces Home Mechanix as September's featured contractor. The company was chosen for their knowledge of ductless technology, experience with multi zone ductless systems, and assistance in electrifying Pittsburgh houses with ductless mini split systems.

It’s notable that Home Mechanix was the chosen contractor to work on the Passive House, which is featured in Pittsburgh Magazine. This innovative project involves featuring Daikin technology and requires high end expertise, which was provided by Mat Stone, President of Home Mechanix. The company was also chosen by Sealed.com to be the exclusive contractor serving the Pittsburgh area.

The rising costs of utility bills can affect many homes, and this makes it very important for homeowners to reduce energy bills. Hiring the right contractor is imperative when you want to enjoy the full benefits of choosing a ductless system. Home Mechanix was the chosen contractor to install a new system in the wholesalers (Daikin's) building. The community can infer that a contractor is top quality when the distributor of the equipment chooses them to install their system. As today's equipment gets more advanced in technology and becomes more intricate, it requires an HVAC technician who is knowledgeable and has the right expertise, like the crew at Home Mechanix. Consumers get the best of both worlds with Home Mechanix as they offer the two top products in the industry. Home Mechanix is certified to work with products from Daikin as well as Mitsubishi. Many homes in the Pittsburgh area have heating and cooling systems that are outdated and replacing these systems with modern and sophisticated equipment will reduce energy bills and increase comfort in the home too. See more here: Mathew Stone on LinkedIn.

Founded in 2017, the Home Mechanix company has built a solid reputation as a reliable HVAC installation and maintenance company for houses in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania's North Hills, including McCandless, Beaver, Butler and Allegheny County. Mat Stone remarks, “With today’s more advanced equipment, it has never been more important to choose a contractor that has the expertise and skill level to deliver a system that performs to maximum efficiency and offers reliability for years to come. We're proud to be the HVAC contractor of choice on the Pittsburgh Passive Home project and also as a certified expert for Sealed.com.”

Ductless Contractor Pittsburgh PA

As a full-service HVAC contractor, the company provides maintenance, repair and installation services. Consumers may also receive a free estimate on going ductless. Additionally, they are recognized nationwide as a Ductless All Star and have the appropriate qualifications attesting to their expertise, such as Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor designation. Stone also states that, “high energy efficiency products have never been more important. Natural Gas prices have almost doubled in the area, so it's important to update older fossil fuel-based systems with more modern equipment.”

In every profession, there are always certain companies whose staff train harder, are more committed and strive to be at the top of their field. This type of company is considered the best of the best. When it comes to HVAC contractors, the Ductless Directory has identified these top performers and is proud to highlight them among The Ductless All-Stars. These contractors have been vetted and selected for their strong work ethic, superior technical abilities, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

The Ductless Directory also explains that each ductless installation is unique and custom-made. Each system is unique and is made to meet the individual needs of the customer. Ductless mini splits are special and well-liked because they can be tailored to suit the requirements of every home. Some people incorrectly assume that installing such systems is a simple process; however, appearances can be deceiving. The installation procedure is more complicated than some homeowners might imagine. In fact, attempting a ductless mini split installation on their own could lead to significant issues later, which makes professional installation crucial.

The best internet source for customers looking for ductless mini split contractors is The Ductless Directory. The introduction of its new Ductless All-Stars program is the logical next step in its quest to help the top ductless contractors connect with quality-conscious customers. To learn more about The Ductless Directory or Home Mechanix and their services, a customer may visit their respective websites or contact either organization directly via phone or email. See more here: Ductless for Home Remodeling in Pittsburgh PA.


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