DealA Launches Coupon Codes Android App

June 08, 2023 at 23:00

Singapore based DealA is pleased to announce the launch of their new Android application and Google Chrome browser extension. DealA provides quick and easy access to discount codes while shopping online. The android application and extension for Chrome are designed to make it even easier to access discount codes while shopping online. Both the application and extension are free and easy to use, making them an excellent addition to any online discount hunter’s arsenal.

When the user reaches the checkout page of their favourite online store, they need only open the DealA application, enter the name of the store into the search box and then look through the list of available coupons. Instead of spending hours searching for discount codes, DealA users can now use the mobile application to quickly and easily gain access to a long list of discount codes for almost anything imaginable.

The Chrome extension works similarly. It automatically finds the best coupon codes, promos and discount codes when the user shops online. The extension is completely free and integrates directly with the user’s browser. When the user reaches the checkout page, they simply click the DealA extension icon in their browser to get a list of all the deals available for the store they are visiting. They can then copy the code and paste it into the discount box on the checkout page and complete their purchase.

The extension’s discount code search function automatically makes it far easier to use than other similar browser extensions. In conjunction with the mobile app, DealA’s extension has saved countless users hundreds of dollars both in terms of actual discounts and the value of the time saved.

DealA’s goal has always been to deliver value to online shoppers in the most convenient way. The service is designed for ease of use and offers access to discount codes from over 30,000 brands of all types.

“DealA stands out from competitors with the vast majority of sitewide discount codes,” says DealA. “We utilise manual checking and continuously improved programming algorithms to pick out working promo codes that may apply to entire order at a brand’s online store. If a coupon code is for a store that covers a narrow market niche and only applies to a specific product or category, the corresponding note is placed on the coupon card to save our visitors’ time.”

In addition to delivering value to their users, DealA also acts as a promotional platform for online stores. Being featured on DealA grants a boost to brand recognition. The platform is a powerful marketing tool that has, in addition to helping people save money, helped many businesses and brands attract more customers. The DealA team is constantly working to improve their product and build fruitful relationships with a variety of brands. Everyone has the potential to benefit from using DealA, and this is what makes the platform so unique. Shoppers save money, and businesses attract more shoppers.

DealA’s website has hundreds of categories that users can browse at their convenience, and each category contains hundreds (if not thousands) of discount codes. From accessories, skin care and cosmetics to fitness, music and delivery coupons, DealA has something for everyone. Under each category, users will find a list of brands that DealA has discount codes for. The Accessories category, for example, has over 8,000 discount codes from hundreds of different brands from all over the world. DealA also invites users to share any discounts and coupons they might be aware of through other means.

As the company acknowledges, however, most people will find it difficult to look through hundreds of brands. Even with the DealA site’s search function, finding every discount code for a particular brand is not always easy. This is where DealA’s new Android app and browser extension become useful. Both make it easy for users to locate discounts from a specific brand and have greatly simplified the process of finding coupon codes.

Shoppers may visit DealA’s website to learn more about coupons and discount codes and how to use them. They can also learn more about the Android application and Chrome extension by visiting either the app store or Chrome store. Alternatively, they may contact DealA to follow up on any further enquiries.


For more information about DealA, contact the company here:

Oleg Segal
149b Telok Ayer St, Level 3,
Singapore 068607