Dank Cannabis Dispensary Is Ensuring Smooth Uninterrupted Marijuana Sales In Calgary On April 20th

April 15, 2022 at 20:32

Calgary’s premier marijuana retailer Dank Cannabis Dispensary has announced that their team is ready for cannabis sales to receive a boost ahead of April 20th, the informal holiday simply known as “4/20” that cannabis connoisseurs look forward to every year.

Dank Cannabis is urging Calgary residents who want to enjoy the festivities to make sure to get everything they need to make the most of that day. The dispensary says that customers can pick out the best cannabis products in person or they can order them online and have them home delivered from their dispensary location in Ogden.

Ogden Dispensary in Calgary AB

A spokesperson for the dispensary talks about the significance of the upcoming day of celebrations by saying, “Anyone who partakes in smoking marijuana has heard of or, to some degree, looks forward to the 20th of April every year. Since its mention in the High Times in 1991, one of the oldest and most popular American monthly magazines and cannabis brands, the number has found its way into pop culture and meme culture as the world has warmed up to the concept of indulging in the benefits offered by the miracle herb. The day, which may have started as a cheeky in-joke, has slowly gained traction and now is a major part of the identity of the pro-cannabis and marijuana legalization movements around the world. It is so ubiquitous that a recent interaction that Sky News UK had with a Ukrainian refugee fleeing the war in Eastern Europe went viral on social media for the interviewee’s lighthearted and casual use of the phrase. The holiday is here to stay, and we are going to make sure that our cherished customers in Calgary will have enough choices of the best, highest-quality marijuana products on that day to take a break with the rest of the world.”

Dank Cannabis also said that they have stocked up on the various supplies that its customers are going to need ahead of the big day this year, April 20th, 2022, which falls on a Wednesday. The store’s range of marijuana products includes flower buds, pre-rolls, vapes, concentrates, edibles, drinks, cannabidiols, accessories, seeds, and topicals. Readers can browse the entire menu of the Calgary cannabis dispensary by heading over to the link: dank.ca.

The dispensary, which has two more locations in Calgary, one in Dover and one in Parkdale, recently began the home delivery of cannabis products following a ruling by the Legislative Assembly of Alberta that allowed private cannabis retailers to begin online sales of marijuana. Before the passing of Bill 80, the Red Tape Reduction Implementation Act, 2021, online sales of cannabis products in Calgary were limited to the efforts of the government-run entity Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis (AGLC).

When asked about what steps Dank Cannabis was taking to ensure that all its customers have a pleasant shopping experience on April 20, the dispensary’s spokesperson said, “We are working very hard to ensure our website is to up the task of handling the scores of online orders that we are expecting will come in the days leading up to or on April 20th, 2022. It's our first 4/20 being open for business and we're excited to help cannabis enthusiasts make the most of it. We have also made sure that our delivery specialists have everything they need to cover as much ground as possible in Calgary on that day as we don’t want to keep our loyal customers waiting on what they need to make the day special. If you already have a super exciting day planned with friends, please stock up on your favorite products well in advance, so that you don’t have to wait to light up or munch on your favorite edibles. Browse our online menu today and add what tickles your fancy the most to your cart so that the items are waiting for you when you are ready to order.”

Cannabis enthusiasts in Calgary can keep up with the announcements from Dank Cannabis Dispensary by following its press updates. The dispensary’s Ogden location can be contacted at the phone number (403) 775-3265. Readers can visit the Ogden location at the address 2-1603 62 Ave SE, Calgary, AB, T2C 2C5.


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