Customized All-Laser LASIK Available At ClearSight LASIK

December 15, 2022 at 17:38

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma -

Oklahoma City, OK based ClearSight LASIK recently released an article about the Customized All-Laser LASIK procedure they offer to patients in the area. The article discusses in some detail what the procedure entails, what patients experience and what benefits they may expect. Since many have questions about this procedure (and others) the article aims to shed light wherever possible. Those interested will find answers to many of the clinic’s frequently asked questions regarding Customized All-Laser LASIK.

LASIK, or Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis, took the field by storm when it was introduced to patients around the turn of the century, and the procedure’s popularity has only grown in the decades since. From the beginning, LASIK’s promise was simple yet highly attractive: a simple and quick procedure that ensured a patient would have perfect vision with no need for external eyewear, such as glasses or contact lenses. While patients may have initially thought this was too good to be true, the procedure’s ongoing success has proven its viability to millions — who now have no need for other forms of eyewear. In fact, their superb vision is expected to remain until old age or other health conditions impinge on the eye’s functionality.

However, as is the case with all branches of medicine, this solution would still see innovation as time went on, and ClearSight says the Customized All-Laser LASIK procedure represents the most cutting-edge implementation of the procedure. It has already become the most effective elective procedure in the world, being used to correct nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism.

As ClearSight states in their article, “Additionally, your eye doctor can now treat small imperfections in your cornea to give you better day and night vision than your glasses or contacts ever could. If you don’t want to wear contact lenses or glasses then Customized All-Laser LASIK may be what you’ve been looking for. The laser refractive surgery procedure is performed in minutes, and recovery is quick. Most of our patients are seeing 20/20 or better by the next day and are back to their normal activities soon after!”

The procedure is easy enough to understand. The clinic explains that it consists of 3 basic steps. To begin with, a laser is used to create a precise natural bandage, also known as a flap, on the surface of your eye. Next, another laser is used to reshape the cornea of the eye (beneath the bandage created in the previous step), and the new shape this creates is what promotes clarity in the patient’s vision. The updated shape causes light to flow in a different manner within the eye, and a skilled surgeon can ensure that light rays are focused clearly on the retina. Finally, the natural bandage is replaced, and the patient’s recovery begins virtually immediately.

Some may consider the use of lasers a cause for concern, but this is actually how the cornea can be shaped so accurately. ClearSight adds that their team also utilizes the most advanced laser technology they can acquire, further ensuring the reliability of the procedure and its outcome. All-Laser LASIK is often recommended for patients with nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism who are 18-42 years old (or as a part of the treatment plan for those age 43 and over), and it has been performed more than 40 million times around the world. All procedures carry some risk, but LASIK has a reputation for enjoying a low chance of complications.

The clinic says a patient undergoing this procedure may expect it to last only a few minutes for each eye. Given its minimally invasive nature, they can also resume their regular activities in a matter of days — ClearSight says most of their patients feel fully functional only a day or two after their procedure, and they actually tend to achieve better than 20/20 vision. They may also notice an improvement in their night vision if they previously used glasses or contact lenses.

ClearSight wishes to give everyone an opportunity to get a personalized LASIK procedure, so they recommend that all interested parties schedule a consultation to learn more. Should a patient be considered a viable candidate for All-Laser LASIK and wish to proceed, the clinic will formulate a treatment plan that takes their individual needs into account. They will also help the patient find assistance with financing.


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