Cost Of Dental Implants Illustrated By ADG

June 27, 2022 at 23:24

Phillip, ACT based Acacia Dental Group (ADG) is helping their community learn what contributes to the cost of dental implants in the region. According to the clinic, dental implants are a highly popular solution for damaged and missing teeth, but their cost can vary based on a variety of factors. See more here: Dental Implants Cost.

The clinic attributes this procedure’s popularity with the fact that they are known to resemble natural teeth in several crucial aspects, including appearance, feel and function. However, they represent a significant investment for many people, so the clinic firmly believes it is important to clarify that a dental implant offered at one provider may not necessarily match that of another. Specifically, the clinic has identified five key factors that contribute to dental implant costs, and patients will want to be careful choosing which they are willing to compromise on.

dental implants

The first of these, naturally, is the number of implants needed for the patient in question. The condition of their mouth and health will play a role in what options their dentist presents to them, and they may only need a single tooth replaced. In the event they need multiple teeth replaced, ADG says they may require at least eight implants to stand in for a full arch of teeth (with traditional implants). The cost of the treatment rises with the number of implants required.

Second, dentists and patients can choose between a variety of materials to use in their implants. Traditional implants will incur a cost for the implant itself (which may be made of either titanium or zirconia) as well as the porcelain crown. The clinic says titanium is used in the screw that anchors the implant to the jawbone, while zirconia is used for one-piece implants that will also include the crown. Acacia Dental Group says the manufacture of these implants has no universal standard either, so patients are advised to confirm that their crown was made in accordance with Australian safety and quality regulations.

The clinic adds that this information should be readily available at any dental professional, and patients may wish to consider avoiding those who do not share it upfront. Using materials from a low-cost provider may save money now but lead to complications further on, even relatively minor annoyances such as discoloration.

The third factor that contributes to the cost of this procedure concerns the type of implant being used. Patients who have lost multiple teeth, for instance, may be eligible for an implant-supported full bridge, which has the advantage of both looking and functioning just like regular teeth as well as being more comfortable and long-lasting. However, they are also more expensive than the alternatives.

Building on this, the clinic reiterates that each patient will present with their own conditions and accompanying needs, and this makes it difficult to draw a one-to-one comparison between any two cases. For instance, patients who hear about a friend’s dental implant costs should not assume they will be offered the same rates. They may need more work (or less), and their costs will be structured likewise.

This is the fourth factor that the clinic identifies, and they say costs can fluctuate based on the number of visits required, the thickness of the patient’s jawbone, the time it takes them to heal and so on. Notably, while dental procedures are known to have a high success rate, there are occasions where they fail to take, and this may lead to additional costs in successive treatments.

Last but not least, the clinic says patients may notice the cost of their treatment varies with the skill of the dentist involved. Dental implant surgery is a complicated process, they explain, and it should exclusively be performed by dentists who have received extensive training in implant dentistry. Patients can inquire after their dentist’s credentials to confirm this, and they will generally notice higher costs from more experienced dentists. However, this higher cost is also associated with a higher chance of success, greatly reducing the likelihood that they will have to pay again to have the procedure done correctly by a more qualified dentist.

As the clinic’s patients have long discovered, some of the most qualified dentists in the region can be found at Acacia Dental Group. The team offers free implant consultations as well, giving patients every opportunity to check their dentist’s qualifications while being evaluated for this procedure. Interested parties may phone or email the clinic today to learn more.


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