Cocoon Healing Pods Launches New Web Site For Aucklanders Wanting HBOT Information

July 24, 2023 at 21:54

Cocoon Healing Pods recently launched a new website, with more content and the addition of a blog. With the new website, they aim to bring attention to their brand and the incredible Cocoon Healing Pods that give them their name. The Cocoon Healing Pod is a small portable hyperbaric chamber, which can be used for mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, or mHBOT. Hyperbaric chambers utilize an oxygen enriched environment, created with slightly higher than surface level pressures, to increase the oxygen levels in bodily fluids. When a person is in a hyperbaric chamber that’s been pressurized and supplemented with extra oxygen, their red blood cells become saturated with oxygen and the remaining oxygen can dissolve into other fluids and tissue in the body. Cocoon Healing Pods provides an HBOT chamber lease for residents of the Auckland, New Zealand region, so people can experience the unique benefits of mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment to anyone in the comfort of their own homes. The leases include delivery, setup, and full instructions on the use of the chamber as well as a personalised treatment plan.

On their Cocoon blog, the company explores some of the potential health benefits of mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment. They surmise that the chambers work to improve health because the human body requires oxygen to function. Without oxygen, tissues in the body can become hypoxic or even die, while inhaling oxygen at slightly higher pressures than one atmosphere can promote tissue healing. The treatment can also help to increase blood flow and decrease swelling in the body, both of which can aid the body’s natural systems for fighting infection.

lease an hbot chamber in Auckland

Clients of Cocoon Healing Pods will get a personalized mHBOT treatment plan through a consultation with Dr Gary Dennis at their clinic, including a daily treatment regimen to help with whatever conditions a person wants help with. Most mHBOT treatment plans tend to last at least 6 weeks of daily treatments in order to get the best results from the therapy. Cocoon Healing Pods also recommends their clients make healthy choices such as exercise, and proper nutrition to help them get the best possible results.

The pods offered by Cocoon Healing Pods are available in multiple arrangements, so treatment can be spent lying down in a more compact pod or sitting up depending on what will be most effective for their healing journey. While healing from any injury, condition, or surgery will take time, Cocoon Healing Pods hopes they can help people recover more quickly and completely with their healing pods, designed to increase the concentration of oxygen in the body. Cocoon Healing pods encourages any and all interested readers to visit their website to find out more about mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, the vast array of conditions it may be able to help treat, and how they can lease a healing pod for themselves or their loved ones if they live near Auckland, New Zealand. With many positive reviews posted on their website, Cocoon Healing Pods is happy to provide personalized treatment plans for anyone who is interested in adding hyperbaric oxygen treatment to their healing journey.


For more information about Cocoon Healing Pods, contact the company here:

Cocoon Healing Pods
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