Citrus Heights Tree Service Experts Speak on How to Grow Grass Under the Trees

January 04, 2023 at 18:41

Citrus Heights, California – Following the unending questions from homeowners on how to grow grass under the trees, Citrus Heights Tree Service Experts earlier today decided to respond to the questions through an interview.

"Turf grasses thrive best in full sun," said the CEO while talking to journalists during the interview. "Under the trees, it happens to be shady, and hence the development of turf grasses becomes almost impossible. However, by following the tips that will be shared today, homeowners can be able to develop a healthy turf under the trees”.

"The first thing that homeowners need to understand is that tree roots limit the growth of grass," explained the CEO during the interview. "Although the tree roots are deeper than grass roots, some are shallow enough to compete with grass roots for the available nutrients and soil moisture. Obviously, the tree wins, and the grass dies due to insufficient nutrients and moisture."

"Now, how do you save the grass from the high competition with trees?" said the CEO as he continued explaining. "Core aerate around the tree at least twice a year. This will help to loosen the soil around the tree, reducing soil compaction, which will enhance the growth of grass roots. Also, in hotter months, the homeowner should concentrate on irrigating the shady areas more.”

"The second tip that will enhance the healthy growth of grass under the trees is pruning," said the CEO. "Removing low branches and thinning out excess branches will enhance easy penetration of sunlight down to the grass."

"Fertilization is also very important for healthy grass growth," said the CEO."Just like the grass in full sun, the grass in shady areas also needs adequate nutrients to survive. In high shade conditions, grass needs 25–30% of what the grass receives in full sunlight."

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"The last important tip is seeding," noted the CEO. "As time goes on, the thick lawn may start becoming thinner due to the increasing shade of the tree canopy. As the shade increases, overseeding will need to be done with a fine fescue grass seed. The fine fescue grasses are more tolerant of shade compared to other grasses, and that is why they are preferred when planting under trees."

The CEO then insisted on homeowners using qualified professionals for a successful grass planting procedure.

"For any procedure to be successful," said the CEO, "a professional contribution is required. Grass planting is not any different. No matter how many tips the homeowner is given, there are things he can’t do for himself. Things like mowing, fertilizing, and pruning are far beyond the abilities of tree owners. In fact, the only procedure the homeowner can carry out perfectly, in this case, is watering. Therefore, homeowners should focus on getting a good tree care company to plant and manage the lawn if they really want good results.”

Lastly, the CEO urged homeowners in Citrus Heights and its suburbs to place their tree and lawn care bookings with Citrus Heights Tree Service Experts.

"The homeowners in Citrus Heights and the entire neighborhood are lucky because they can have healthy lawns under the trees, whenever they need them since Citrus Heights Tree Service Experts is just a call away," boasted the CEO. “The company is also open for all the other tree care procedures, and homeowners can contact the company for assistance anytime."

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