Chicago Website Design SEO Company Is Providing Accountant Firms Web Design and Digital Marketing Services

November 02, 2022 at 19:49

Chicago Website Design SEO Company (CWDSC) is helping accountants all over the nation dominate local web searches using targeted and effective SEO strategies.

In 2021, there were approximately 1.32 million accountants and auditors in the United States working for around 46,000 public accounting firms. These firms range from small practices employing a few dozen individuals to large CPA firms with a worldwide presence. The industry is also growing at a steady pace as the market size for the accounting services sector has grown at 2% every year on average from 2017 to 2022.

Given these statistics, entrepreneurs harboring dreams of starting an accounting business have a tough road ahead when it comes to distinguishing themselves from the pack. To attract clients, accounting firms need to have a strong and loud voice that gets the message across to the intended clientele. Though there are several avenues for marketing an accounting business, none of them are as effective and have a higher return on investment than digital marketing. One of the most prominent and well-reviewed SEO agencies meeting the digital marketing and accountant website design needs of these businesses today is CWDSC.

CWDSC follows a battle-tested SEO process that has already helped bring astounding results for hundreds of businesses in a wide range of industries, including freelance accountants and small to mid-sized accounting firms. The reason behind the Chicago-based SEO company’s success is its two-pronged strategy - driving traffic to its clients’ websites and optimizing the websites for maximum retention and conversion of the traffic they get.

CWDSC begins by presenting a thorough analysis of how the client’s current website is performing. It will highlight the key issues that are hampering its client’s growth and driving away customers. This includes inspecting and fixing flaws with the website’s headers, images, title tags, meta-attributions, URLs, and more. Web developers from CWDSC will also identify and repair navigation issues to make the website as user-friendly and intuitive as possible. This will increase the time that visitors spend on the website and make them more likely to engage with the business’s services.

CWDSC’s digital marketing team will also formulate a strategy to drive traffic to the client’s website. The company will bring attention to the client’s accounting business by giving its target audience the answers to their questions. Using content crafted by industry experts, CWDSC will establish its clients as a local authority in the financial niche. The company focuses on creating engaging and high-ranking content that will establish the client as the go-to accounting firm in their service area. The high-quality user-relevant content will not only be informative for the target audience but will also push the website higher in local search rankings. Finally, CWDSC will build backlinks from reputable websites that offer finance-focused content to improve its client’s reputation in the eyes of the search algorithm.

Jack Lombardi, the CEO of CWDSC, talks about what his team of SEO consultants can do for accounting businesses by saying, “Accountants provide valuable financial services that can make or break an individual or company’s future. So, it is natural for your clients to be a little hesitant while hiring you, especially if you are just starting or you don’t have a lot of reviews online vouching for you. To make you stand apart from your local competitors, we focus on improving two key areas – your web presence and your credibility. Our website audit will identify the shortcomings that need to be fixed immediately to make it more usable. This will increase traffic and improve your conversion rates. Next, our digital marketing experts will implement content-based reputation-building strategies that are focused on long-term growth. With this hybrid approach, you will start seeing results in a short time frame and will also be set up for success in the long term. We have helped hundreds of businesses establish themselves as leaders in their respective industries. Call us today and schedule an appointment to join this privileged list."


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