Chicago Website Design SEO Company Discusses Recent Changes In Google's Search Algorithm

April 27, 2023 at 23:50

Chicago, Illinois -

Chicago Website Design SEO Company (CWDSC), one of the most trusted names in search engine optimization for Chicago business owners, is sharing its insight on Google’s updated search quality guidelines.

In December 2022, Google added an extra E to E-A-T, the company’s long-standing barometer for judging the value that a website offers to its users and, consequently, serves as an indicator of how high it will be in its search rankings. The new “E” added by Google stands for Experience and it adds another dimension for determining the quality of search results presented to its billions of users around the world.

Google shared a real-world example to drive home how the new change exactly affects search engine results going forward. In its updated documentation, the company says, “If you’re looking for information on how to correctly fill out your tax returns, that’s probably a situation where you want to see content produced by an expert in the field of accounting. But if you’re looking for reviews of a tax preparation software, you might be looking for a different kind of information—maybe it’s a forum discussion from people who have experience with different services.”

Chicago Website Design SEO Company CEO Jack Lombardi commented on the changes by saying, “Double E-A-T, as it is being called, now demands more from search engine optimization strategies. While “Expertise” has always been a major differentiating factor for Google’s search algorithm to decide which websites to serve its users, now you need to offer an even more engaging and refined “Experience” for your content to be deemed trustworthy and worth your visitors’ precious time. Since the release of the update over three months ago, CWDSC has been working hard to incorporate these changes into our SEO strategies. CWDSC is ready, as we have been for more than a decade, to face these headwinds and help our clients come out stronger in the end.”

CWDSC has been helping clients in Chicago and all over the country come out on top of their competition since 2008. The Chicago website design, development, and SEO services company has branches in 7 cities nationwide and serves clients in 76 locations. Its clients include everyone from small local businesses vying for more foot traffic to large eCommerce platforms serving thousands of visitors from all over the world each day.

The SEO agency’s range of services includes lead generation, SEO audits, local SEO, national SEO, Google listing SEO, press release optimization, product feed optimization, search engine marketing, Yelp listing optimization, YouTube marketing, backlinking, PPC advertising, content creation, competition analysis, conversion optimization, keyword analysis, reputation management, existing website revamps, eCommerce websites, web hosting, graphic design including logo creation, on-page SEO, email marketing and retargeting, call tracking, responsive website design including mobile websites, and much more.

CWDSC’s clients have profusely praised the company for always coming through on its promises and helping their ventures grab much-needed internet traffic. This love and trust for the company’s services is reflected on its Google Business Profile where it has a perfect 5.0 out of 5.0 overall rating from over 60 reviews. In their testimonials, customers note the company’s knowledgeable staff, responsive customer service, and ability to deliver tangible results.

One recent review says, “Jack from Chicago Website Design SEO Company was super helpful and generous with his time when we spoke with him during our initial consultation. He was not afraid to tell it like it is, he shared with us the inside scoop on how the sausage is really made in this business, and he already gave us plenty of great advice to help improve the SEO of our new company's website. Highly recommended!”

Readers can get in touch with Jack Lombardi and the rest of the team of SEO professionals at CWDSC at (312) 448-8310 to get a free 21-point SEO audit of their existing web presence. Potential clients are also urged to follow the CWDSC press room to stay updated with the company’s news and announcements.


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