Blue Sky Scrubs Offers Ethically Made Surgical Caps and Scrub Hats in Patented Designs

October 13, 2022 at 16:57

Austin, Texas-based Blue Sky Scrubs offers a range of fair trade, ethically-made, modern scrub-wear for men and women.

The company, which has been in the medical wear industry for over 20 years, is a leader in the manufacture of hand-made, ultra-comfortable, athletic-inspired scrubs. It had very humble origins when the founder, Shelby Marquardt, started selling a collection of scrub hats in 2004. To acknowledge their success in those nascent years, Shelby, along with her husband David, launched Project Blue Sky, an initiative where they gave a portion of the proceeds from every set of scrubs sold to people in need all over the world. Soon, Project Blue Sky was renamed Scrubs For Scrubs and the company was named Blue Sky Scrubs.

Today, the store makes available almost every type of nursing scrub imaginable in eye-catching designs at a range of price points. The prominent product categories on Blue Sky Scrubs’ online store include scrub tops, scrub pants, outerwear, base layers, surgical caps, scrub hats, accessories, and specialty scrubs for both men and women. To help its busy clientele of medical professionals, on its website, the store also makes available a ton of helpful resources to help them make the right purchase decision and to take better care of their gear. This includes sizing charts, product care tips, and a scrub caps style guide.

Shelby, who has now assumed the role of Chief Creative Officer at Blue Sky Scrubs, talks about her vision for the company by saying, “I am a Board Certified Anesthesiologist licensed to practice in Texas and Colorado. I’ve spent my fair share of grueling hours in the trenches with my fellow hard-working and dedicated doctors and nurses who I believe bring their “A” game to the profession, every single day. We are routinely assigned to long shifts in dour, clinically sterile environments. It is not exactly a welcoming and hopeful workplace. I was especially turned off by the unattractive and ill-fitting scrub hats that we had to wear for hours on end for compliance. I saw redesigning the simple scrub hat as a small step towards making it more comfortable and adding a little more visual flair in an environment that I felt needed just a modicum of uplifting. Soon after that, with my first design of scrub hats patented, I started working with a manufacturer. Though we have grown by leaps and bounds, my design ethos and pursuit of high quality sustainably sourced materials have remained intact. We will continue to innovate within the promise of our brand and bring exciting and durable medical wear designs to our customers across the United States.”

The scrub-wear lifestyle brand and its products have received overwhelmingly encouraging feedback on its online stores and social media profiles. On one of its Instagram posts, a user commended the durability of the products from Blue Sky Scrubs by saying, “I’ve worn these scrubs for 8 years. Hands down the best scrubs I’ve ever had. Blue Sky’s scrubs are soft, durable, don't fade, & fashionable. I love them.” Another Instagram user chimed in with a similar sentiment by saying, “I had the pleasure of working with the creator of these scrubs, and not only is she amazing but for the last 15 years, these scrubs are the best on the market! These scrubs last forever, literally I have pairs that are 10 years old and still are just as amazing as they were on day one!”

Blue Sky Scrubs offers free shipping for orders over $150 within the United States. It has a generous return policy and will exchange or refund products within 30 days of the original purchase date. Customers can also buy gift certificates valued at anywhere between $5 to $1000 and have them decorated with a few select themes and a custom message. The company also has group order and corporate account programs that offer tiered rates to customers based on the quantity purchased. Readers can click here to browse through its collection of scrub hats for women.


For more information about Blue Sky Scrubs, contact the company here:

Blue Sky Scrubs
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