B&L Dumpsters Now Providing Dumpsrer Rental Service In Charlottesville, VA

May 19, 2022 at 16:06

Charlottesville, VA based B&L Dumpsters, LLC is pleased to inform their community that the company’s dumpster rental services will continue to be available for the foreseeable future. While supply chain issues and labor shortages are affecting numerous businesses across the nation, B&L Dumpsters has invested in making sure that these problems will not diminish the quality of the service they offer or the availability of their dumpsters. Customers may learn more about the company, and conveniently schedule a dumpster online, at the following link: https://bldump.com/

B&L Dumpsters offers two types of dumpsters to the Charlottesville community. Thanks to a team that has a great deal of experience in junk removal in Central Virginia, the company knows exactly what their customers need, regardless of whether they are involved in residential or commercial projects. As such, they have opted to provide two distinct variants that are most likely to fit every requirement: the 12 yard dumpster and the 30 yard dumpster.

B&L Dumpsters, LLC

The 12 yard dumpster can be rented for a primary rental period of five days, and customers are welcome to deposit upto two tons of junk, trash or other unwanted items. The 30 yard dumpster comes with several additional rental options that aim to serve customers who either need to get rid of an excessive amount of junk or simply need more time. Their most popular option enables customers to deposit upto four tons and keep the dumpster onsite for no fewer than five days. However, customers can also have this dumpster swapped out with another identical (empty) unit at the end of the rental period, fill upto six tons and keep it for upto 10 days (or two weekends) and so on. B&L Dumpsters says some customers also prefer to hire the team to transport the dumpster; this is their most affordable option but does not come with any junk removal services. This is ideal for those who can set up their own system for getting rid of the junk and only need a suitable container.

B&L Dumpsters considers customer service and convenience to be important aspects of the service they provide. As such, they are always looking for ways to make the rental experience more fulfilling for their community. For instance, the company says some customers harbor concerns that their property will not be able to accommodate a large dumpster — or that there is a risk associated with delivery. On the latter point, the company assures customers that their drivers are highly trained and will be able to drop off the selected dumpster without posing a risk to nearby residents or their property. On the other point, they say there are certain actions every customer can take to minimize this particular risk.

For instance, they need to consider a good location for it to be placed in. A dumpster should not be situated too far from the area where the junk is being removed from. In addition to taking longer to transport everything, the company warns that the excess effort can pose a health risk, especially if heavy objects like furniture and appliances are involved.

Beyond this, the customer should keep in mind that the delivery truck and personnel will need a clear route to the selected drop-off zone. B&L Dumpsters utilizes trucks that are not meant for offroad use, and all wheels must always be in contact with a solid surface. The drop-off zone will, naturally, also be where the dumpster is picked up from later on, so customers should pick a spot that is likely to be accessible on both occasions. This also means the company may have to reschedule in the event heavy rain makes the ground less stable.

Whatever the issue may be, however, B&L Dumpsters is ready to help their customers handle it. While renting a dumpster is as easy as visiting the company’s official website and marking a spot on their calendar (along with submitting necessary details), customers are also welcome to contact B&L Dumpsters’ representatives to discuss any concerns they might have. Alternatively, they may connect with the company here: https://www.facebook.com/BigAndLittleDumpsters.


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