Austin Tree Services Partners with Local Breweries to Create Custom Wood Products from Recycled Tree Trimmings

February 27, 2023 at 17:48

El Camino Real, California -

Austin, TXAustin Tree Services, a leading tree care provider in the Austin area, announced a partnership with local craft breweries to create custom wood products from recycled tree trimmings. The new initiative is part of Austin Tree Services' continued efforts to reduce its environmental impact and develop sustainable solutions for tree waste disposal.

Austin Tree Services has been working hard for years to reduce its environmental impact, and this new initiative is the latest in a series of creative solutions. The partnership with local craft breweries brings together two industries with a common goal: creating sustainable products while helping the environment.

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This collaboration allows Austin Tree Services to repurpose tree trimmings into useful wood products and help reduce their carbon footprint. The wood products created by the partnership range from outdoor furniture and wooden beer steins to custom tap handles. All items are made from recycled wood, making them both environmentally friendly and stylish.

In addition to creating eco-friendly wood products, Austin Tree Services will donate a portion of the proceeds from these sales to local environmental charities. This will help ensure that not only are they reducing waste but also helping restore and preserve wildlife habitats in the area. Additionally, by partnering with local craft breweries, Austin Tree Services is demonstrating its commitment to green business practices and supporting other small businesses in the community.

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The program collects small logs, limbs, and branches trimmed during routine maintenance activities at residences and businesses around Austin. These trimmings are then sent to participating breweries and repurposed into unique products such as coasters, cheese boards, keychains, etc.

"We believe it is our responsibility to ensure that our operations have minimal negative impacts on the environment," said Douglas Andrews, CEO of Austin Tree Services. "By partnering with local breweries, we can turn something typically considered waste into a valuable resource. Not only does this help protect our natural resources, but it also creates jobs and supports our local economy."

Austin Tree Service has partnered with several local breweries, including Austin Beerworks, St Elmo Brewing Co., Strange Land Brewery, Oskar Blues Brewery Austin, Live Oak Brewing Company, and Southern Heights Brewing Co. Each brewery uses its approach to crafting custom wood products from the recycled tree trimmings.

"At Austin Beerworks, we are always looking for creative ways to incorporate sustainability into our business operations and reduce our environmental footprint," said Michael Graham, Founder and CEO of Austin Beerworks. "We are excited to be working with Austin Tree Services on this project and look forward to seeing the unique pieces that come out of it."

Austin Tree Services has shown much commitment to reducing its environmental impact through sustainable practices such as this one. In addition to the recycling program, the company is actively involved in the region's reforestation projects.

"We know that trees provide essential ecosystem services and play a vital role in our environment," said Andrews. "It is our goal to make sure that our operations not only reduce waste but also help restore and protect the natural beauty of our city."

For more information about Austin Tree Services, visit its office at 5555 N Lamar Blvd #111, Austin, TX 78751, United States. To learn more about the local breweries participating in the tree-trimming recycling program, contact them at 512-982-4843 and


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