43Vision Discusses Adult Vision: 40 - 60 Years Of Age

February 13, 2023 at 17:52

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma -

43Vision, based in Oklahoma, OK, has published an article that sheds light on the most common age-related vision changes that occur between the ages of 40 and 60. This includes problems reading or doing close-up work, the need for more lighting when reading, problems with glare or photophobia, color perception changes and decreased tear production. It is the only vision correction center of its kind that is dedicated to treating patients over the age of 43, and it only uses the most cutting-edge technology available.

The article, titled ‘Adult Vision: 40-60 Years of Age,’ has much to share. Adults who are between the ages of 41 and 60, for instance, are most likely to experience difficulty reading and working up close. Additionally, at this point, further eye abnormalities may start to hinder their ability to function in daily life and pursue their interests. If a person has had generally decent vision their whole life and has not needed glasses or contact lenses to correct distance vision, the onset of near vision impairments around the age of 40 can be rather concerning and irritating. It could seem as though a person's ability to see letters or read their computer screen abruptly disappeared.

In actuality, these alterations have been gradually worsening from childhood and have been occurring over time. Up until this moment, the eyes' concentrating power was sufficient for a person to see clearly enough for close work and reading. Now, however, when performing tasks that need crisp, comfortable close vision, the eyes' capacity to focus is no longer sufficient. Presbyopia is a frequent age-related change in the eye's capacity to focus that gets worse over time.

The first vision correction center exclusively dedicated to treating patients in this demographic, 43Vision, is here to assist anyone over 43 who want to reduce or do away with their need for reading glasses or bifocals. The hospital employs the most advanced technologies available to counteract the effects of presbyopia and shield patients from cataracts in the future.

The article says that most people will notice the need for more lighting or start to have problems with glare or photophobia. Others may start to notice color perception changes. The lenses can cloud up over time to the extent that cataract surgery may be necessary to replace the hazy natural lens with a clear artificial lens. Decreased tear production is also a common problem. Postmenopausal women have the highest prevalence of dry eye symptoms and are the most frequent consumer of eye drops and artificial tears.

The article also provides some guidance on how to help maintain healthy eyesight, sourced from the National Institute on Aging. The first suggestion is for people to wear sunglasses that block ultraviolet (UV) light and a hat with a wide brim when outside. Giving up on smoking is also recommended, as smoking raises the risk of developing eye diseases. Similarly, a healthy diet and regular exercise are also important, and maintaining a healthy blood pressure can help prevent damage to the eyes and visual impairment. Another recommendation is to keep diabetes under control. This is crucial as it may cause permanent vision loss or blindness. It is also recommended to reduce eye strain when concentrating on a computer or single object by taking a brief break every 20 minutes (for about 20 seconds). It is also best to get regular comprehensive eye exams as they are essential for identifying issues before they become more serious. The article also discusses risk factors, warning signs and treatment for common vision impairments after the age of 40.

One of the top LASIK centers in the US, ClearSight LASIK, has a sister practice, which is 43Vision. Owner and chief surgeon Dr. Luke decided to establish a separate facility for the care of patients with visual problems after taking over at ClearSight. 43Vision is a pioneer in the field of treating presbyopia and one of the first clinics of its sort in the nation. A patient's experience with the team of board-certified surgeons and highly qualified medical staff should be relaxing, joyful, and most importantly, life changing. Those interested may visit 43Vision's official website or get in touch with the clinic by phone or email to learn more.


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