43Vision Answers: At What Age Does Eyesight Deteriorate?

October 11, 2022 at 16:21

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma -

Oklahoma City, OK based 43Vision has published a new article on the effect aging has on a person’s vision. The article was written in response to their community’s questions on related topics, and the clinic encourages any interested parties to schedule a consultation if they wish to get their eyes checked. Find the article here: At What Age Does Eyesight Deteriorate?

“Aging is a part of life,” notes the article, “and changes in your vision come along with that for most adults. 43Vision is the first vision correction center specializing in patients over 40, just like you! As experts in our field, we focus solely on helping adults over 40 with their age-related vision changes. Schedule your exam today to learn more about how we can help you with common age-related vision changes.”

Since everyone ages, everyone will someday have to deal with its effects, and this is also true for people who might otherwise have enjoyed having excellent vision for most of their lives. As a result, 43Vision says that a drop in vision clarity should not come as a surprise, though the exact point at which it affects an individual may change due to a number of unique factors. Typically, however, the clinic says a person may notice their vision begin to suffer in their early to mid-40s. Given the prevalence of computers, they may be more likely to notice this when text and images appear to have less definition as time goes on — this is known as presbyopia, and it means the individual will have difficulty making out items up close. Notably, this condition is not the same as farsightedness, though the symptoms may be similar. It is also one of the most prevalent vision problems that people between the ages of 41 and 60 experience.

The article says, “You may have to hold reading items further away at first to view them well. Or you might need to take off your glasses to improve your close-up vision. The print in a newspaper or on a menu at a restaurant could be hazy, particularly in low light. People who already wear prescription glasses or contact lenses can have traditionally managed these age-related changes by converting to bifocal eyewear or multifocal contact lenses. Fortunately, there are even more ways for people with presbyopia to improve their eyesight today.”

43Vision recommends that people schedule a consultation with their eye doctor every two years (for a thorough eye exam), at the very least. This becomes more important with age, and an examination can reveal issues that need correction early on. Conversely, an individual who is unaware that their vision is deteriorating may unwittingly strain their eyes to see clearer, resulting in fatigue and other unwanted symptoms. Regular checkups are also recommended because they give the eye doctor an opportunity to check for ongoing problems that may be unrelated to the patient’s age, such as damage, disease and so on.

The clinic explains that, normally, eye muscles will contract and relax in order to manipulate the curvature of the lens as well as shift it forward and backward. This is what allows the eye to focus. As the body ages, muscles and other tissue become less firm, which in turn means the inner workings of the eye will become less responsive. 43Vision adds that, “the main problem is attributed to the hardening of the natural lens of the eye, causing an inability for the eye muscles to adjust the shape of the eye to focus light in an optimal manner on the retina.”

The clinic acknowledges that some people will not experience lens deterioration of this nature after 40 — but most people will. Fortunately, a number of treatments are available, from corrective lenses (eyeglasses) to eye operations and so on. 43Vision says their own patients receive a full breakdown of the various options at their disposal, with recommendations based on their eye doctor’s formal expertise. Patients are also educated on the various advantages and drawbacks of the treatments they could choose, ultimately allowing them to make an informed choice regarding their care with their eye doctor’s help.

Should anyone be concerned about their eyesight, they can call the clinic today to schedule an appointment. The full article offers further insight on the issues an aging individual may experience as well, and 43Vision recommends that everyone give it a read. For any other inquiries, their office is always available via phone or email.


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