The DOG REPUBLIK - A Barking Mad Cryptocurrency Project

April 07, 2022 at 08:31

The Dog Republik project is ludicrous. It is arguably the most exciting, rewarding, and engaging cryptocurrency project to be launched in 2022. The project is set to create a real-life Private Island located in the Bahamas where all its features, facilities and entertainment will be designed and determined by the Dog Republik "Pack" (community). The project is barking mad to say the least and will make a statement of epic proportions.

The Dog Republik project is a strategically simple nonetheless an extremely powerful cryptocurrency project. It removes the complexities associated with new cryptocurrency projects and appeals to both new and veteran cryptocurrency holders. Considering its simplicity, the project took more than 6 months to create as it was built on the science backed psychology of human beings. It not only focusses on the excitement and engagement desires of humans, but also on their safety and security needs. The Dog Republik is transparent on how it will sustainably grow and generate value, confidence, and trust for its community.

Upon visiting the Dog Republik project website, holders will be captivated and immersed by its features and the exciting journey towards the laid-out vision. In addition to all the great features of the project itself, probably the most exciting part is just how extremely attainable the goals of the project are. The first major milestone to be achieved by the 6th month of the project involves the purchase of the exclusive Bahamian island. To achieve this, the native token of the Dog Republik project, $DOGR, needs to reach an average daily trading volume of +-$7mil per day for the first 6 months. To put this in perspective, currently Bitcoin achieves $35bil per day which is 500,000% higher than the $DOGR target.

Holder trust and confidence is created from the very start of the project. With 100% of the funds to be raised during the 10-day Fair-Launch to be locked into liquidity for 10 years, holders can be rest assured that the project was created with longevity and continuity as a priority.

Dog Republik has a strong Launch Marketing Campaign in place that is expecting to raise $5mil in the Fair Launch. Thereafter a target is in place to achieve a $5bil market-cap by the 3rd year of the project.

The Fair Launch will run for 10 days, 18th - 27th April 2022 and will be hosted on the easy to use platform.

Join the Pack. Create Paradise. Enjoy Paradise.

Johan Demeyer
Dog Republik

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