The award-winning German-Iranian Architect Yasmine Mahmoudieh makes use of Impact Design to Advocate for the Integration of Ocean Plastic and Mycelium in the Built Environment

October 24, 2022 at 04:29

In a world where everything seems disposable, an award-winning architect and impact designer is working to make things last. Yasmine Mahmoudieh lives and works in London and Milan and has a global presence, having built up an expansive collection of eco-friendly materials and patented techniques that she uses in her multisensory creations. Because of her insatiable desire to design sustainable pieces and spaces, she has become a visionary innovator in environmentally friendly practices.

The Impact Design trademark

Earlier this year, Mahmoudieh debuted her most recent creation, the "Flowniversum," at Design Miami/Basel 2022. This installation evokes the continuous flow of the universe, represented by an ocean wave. It is part of her upcoming NFT series, Metamorphosis 1-4, which will be released later this year. The wave transforms into beautiful vases and chairs, which is a metaphor for the limitless possibilities Yasmine has imagined for discarded resources, like ocean plastic, in the realm of interiors and architecture. It was highly regarded in the fields of art and design.

The limited edition Flowniversum Flow chair and stool/table are completely 3D printed from plastic waste and depict the ocean's colours in a gradation. Yasmine is also interested in constructing public pavilions with wave shapes, which represent the limitless possibilities for future building structures.

The original "Flow" chair was a finalist in the Urban and Public Design category at the Ro Guiltless Plastic 2022 exhibition, which coincided with Milan Design Week, and the sole winner of the prestigious award in 2021 for smart furniture. This innovative and timeless design is non-toxic, can be used indoors and outdoors in homes, offices, hotels, and restaurants, and mimics the body's natural ebb and flow.

"I want the building, design, and architecture industries to know that we have a big role to play in reducing our carbon footprint," Mahmoudieh explained. "To protect our resources, we must educate and innovate with our creativity. That was my message in Basel: transform something that is threatening our planet, such as plastic waste in the oceans, into beautiful objects, design, and architecture," she added.

Her new online store, IMPACTDESIGNNOW, offers collector's items and all non-limited editions. Before the end of the year, Yasmine will add another series of exquisitely designed furniture and accessories to her initial collection.

However, Mahmoudieh isn't content to rest on her accolades. She is currently experimenting with another unusual material called mycelium. She wants to use this in the construction and interior design of all kinds of real estate properties, including hotels and resorts.

"Mycelium is the root of a fungus that grows and can be used in furniture, food, fashion, and architecture. It is a renewable resource that can be cultivated in a matter of days. It is also biodegradable, meaning it will naturally decompose over time. This material is durable, lightweight, resistant to fire, and can be recycled again and again. Mycelium can replace plastic in a variety of applications. Some American companies have already begun replacing Styrofoam and other harmful plastics with mycelium. This material also produces oxygen and is carbon-negative rather than carbon-neutral. This microorganism represents the future. I want to show the world the wide range of artistic and architectural applications for this material," she revealed.

Next year, she will present the endless possibilities of mycelium at the Venice Biennale of Architecture.

While still building her new dream sustainable luxury hotel brand, Mahmoudieh is uploading her decades of knowledge and expertise into the metaverse to help hotel moguls, real estate developers, and architects envision the future of eco-architecture spanning hotels, offices, shopping centres, and more. She believes that giving stakeholders the opportunity to experience these spaces before being physically built will convince them of their impact. She is willing to meet with potential investors in order to put her grand vision into action.

"As creatives, I believe it is our collective responsibility to solve the world's problems," says the impact designer. "The carbon footprint, in my opinion, is one of the most important concerns. I want to make the world a more beautiful and sustainable place through my design and architecture work," she concludes.

About Yasmine Mahmoudieh

Yasmine studied Art History in Florence, Architecture at Switzerland's l'ecole d'Ingenieurs de Geneve, Interior Design at San Francisco's College of Notre Dame, and Architecture and Interior Design at UCLA in Los Angeles. Aged 26, she opened her first design office in LA and moved 10 years later to Europe.

Mahmoudieh's work has been praised and recognized by experts all over the world for its innovation. She takes into account both human psychology and cutting-edge technology to create spaces that are ergonomic for both the body and mind, not to mention the surrounding environment. Her designs can be seen inside and on the exterior of luxury hotels, museums, offices, shopping malls, and other mixed-use structures throughout Europe, the United States, the Middle East, and Asia. She was also one of only a few designers chosen to work on the Airbus A380.

She has a long list of well-known clients and projects, including designing for Sylvester Stallone and restoring the former Los Angeles home of the Beatles. However, Yasmine's focus is on commercial projects, where she can make a more wide-reaching impact through design

For the past nine years, Yasmine has also taught as a visiting professor at the Institut Paul Bocuse in Lyon and Paris, as well as at the esteemed Hotel School in Lausanne (EHL). She is also a lecturer and consultant for many global organizations.


Core Design Award for Haus Rheinsberg
European Hotel Design Award
Conference Hotel Design Award for Hotel Rheinsberg
Radisson SAS Berlin Innovation Award
The Radisson Hotel Copenhagen
5x European Hotel Design Awards awardee
5x World Travel Award awardee
The Nevai Hotel Verbier Hospitality Design Award
Duesseldorf's Euroshop Award for Best Stand Design for HI-MACS(R)
European Spa Award (Augeo, Rimini)
OPAL Award Winner in the field of Best Boutique Hotel Interior Design

Contact Info

Instagram: @yasmine_mahmoudieh
Twitter: mahmoudieh_arch
LinkedIn: yasminemahmoudieh

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