Honestly, maybe Mac Mini M1 is not for me

June 10, 2021 at 21:15

This is my second attempt at purchasing and using a Mac Mini M1, as my main computer. Frustrating, to say the least.I feel like I am failing at my attempt.- Monitor: Samsung 49" monitor, connected via HDMI. Works, but, if I reboot the Mac (say for an update), then the Mac Mini does not see the monitor, till I disconnect and reconnect the HDMI cable. I can live with this; after all, how often will I need to restart the Mac Mini. Seen other posts online about this. Odd really. Logitech MX Keys: Currently, I have a unifier connected to the Mac Mini. Since Bluetooth connection is simply awful. Now what happens often, is the keyboard computer selector button will start to flash. Meaning, it is not connected to the Mac Mini. After all, I used the unifier due to the Bluetooth issues (not remaining connected or stuttering when using the mouse and keyboard). As a test, I have since connected the unifier to USB C/Thunderbolt, versus USB A. Let's see what that does.- Restarting on its own: This morning, went to my workspace to start working, only to see a message on the screen about the Mac Mini having restarted due to an issue. Sent report to Apple. But, not 100% sure what the issue was, software or hardware, don't recallConsidering this is only a 2 day old Mac Mini, with the latest Big Sur 11.4, just not fully confident with my purchase. Rather unfortunate.My idea was/is to switch to Mac OS (desktop), versus Windows. But, these issues are not helping that cause. Honestly, rather close to just returning this unit and continuing with my Windows PC.