Breaking Free from the Cycle: Choosing Your Own Path

September 18, 2023 at 22:00

Do bad things often happen in your life? Sometimes work doesn’t go as smoothly as expected, sometimes we encounter colleagues who are difficult to get along with and shirk responsibility, sometimes the boss changes orders very quickly, sometimes the deadline promised by the manufacturer is repeatedly delayed… These things that happen may make us feel unhappy, angry, anxious and depressed…

This kind of ups and downs of mood and energy may happen repeatedly, as if trapped in a loop, making people feel frustrated, irritable, and impatient…

When you feel frustrated and confused, do you want someone to tell you the answer?

Are you expecting an answer? Do you know what will happen next? How to guard against villains in the workplace? What job is it suitable for? Is it time to change jobs? When will you get promoted and make a fortune? When will a good job opportunity come across…? Expecting answers may reflect part of the insecurity, as well as a desire for future progress. When you feel confused, you may want to seek third-party advice, perhaps a numerologist, a tarot master, or a friend, hoping to get some guidance, direction, or even a clear answer to ensure that the next decision is correct. , Increase the sense of security.

Fixed cycle mode

After listening to third-party advice, if the behavior pattern has not changed, how can we expect different results? The same trouble reoccurs again. Then complain about the company, environment, boss, colleagues, and listen to third-party advice… This is an infinite cycle…

Do you want to go there? What will happen after reaching it?

Have you ever thought about: What do you really want? How do you spend your longed-for day? When you are 80 years old and have nothing to do, will you feel it is a pity?

Why stop here now?

People may blame circumstances, feel they cannot change, believe there is nothing they can do, or believe it is beyond their control. When people believe that their situation is caused by the external environment, they are also admitting that the external environment controls them, and at the same time handing over the right to choose their own lives…

Break out of fixed patterns

First, realize that your situation is your choice. Ask yourself again: If I stopped blaming circumstances and others, what would I choose to do? …When you begin to choose to take the initiative in taking charge of your own life, you have the opportunity to break away from the original pattern.

Finally, an invitation to think about

What kind of life do you want to live?